It is said the Lusatian Birds’ Wedding comes from the Upper Sorbian language region in which this custom is widely spread in families.

In Lower Lusatia it is celebrated in kindergardens and schools where the children feed the birds during winter. In return for this service they can join in their wedding. That is why they put plates and bowls on the ledge. They get a piece of pastry shaped as a magpie (Sorbian: sroka)

There is a similar tradition of baking the birds for spring equinox in Belarusian culture. The name of the rite is called Hukanne viasny (the calling of the spring), which survived since pagan times. The birds are called ‘saraki’ (magpies) or lark birds (žaŭruki) depending on the region. Spring songs and birds are the main attributes of the festive

Hukanne viasny in Belarus : http://oi59.tinypic.com/2wqg2a0.jpg

Baked birds:



I wonder if Sorbs celebrate or celebrated in the past a similar spring festive? :)


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