There were fewer desserts in traditional Belarusian cuisine of common folks. Cakes, pastries, chocolate, confectionaries – all that without which we cannot imagine our tables nowadays were available to upper class families. In old days dishes made of berries, fruits and honey were used in place of desserts. I am going to put some of those dishes available to common folks in the 17-19th centuries.

Dźmuchaŭcy made of cottage-cheese, fruits, berries, nuts with apple & cranberry sauce.

Baked apples with lingonberries

Kulaha made of fruits and berries.

‘Apple cheese’ is made by lengthy cooking, pressing and drying apples.

A popular dessert cranberry jelly (žur, kisieĺ)

Pan-cakes with honey

Nalisniki are pan-cakes filled with cottage cheese served with cherry syrup.

Perniki are an ancient Slavic pastry according to some authors. I don’t know what shapes were used to bake them in the past. What I know is that honey and rye flour were used to make them.

Cheese cake Nestserka

Tvarožnaja pascha is a cheese-cake traditionally cooked on Easter

Zavivancy with apples. I don’t know how common these were before 20th century.

Zbicień is a beverage made of honey and spicies.

Uzvar was a sweet beverage made of dried fruits. Sometimes honey was added in sour drinks.

Of course sweet birch sap in early spring

Kuccia is a sweet porridge with dried fruits and nuts prepared on Christmas and other religious occasions.


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