I wasn’t trying to say Nordics ripped off Slavs, even if that is, in fact, what I said, lol. I have some of both in me, anyway. The point was that I could feel my connection to one through the other, and the Slavic connection felt more powerful to me when I compared them. It is possible that Nordics came up with it first,,,,, it would seem more likely that such beliefs would pass from the homeland, through the Slavic lands, and end up in Nordic lands that way, so that’s why I said that, but of course I could be wrong.

No, I have no need of a spiritual sense, although there is a spiritual component to this. I am Atheist, and happy with that. I looked into the religions presented when I was younger, and am happy with my decision. I do not think that being exposed to my slavic heritage at a younger age would have done anything either. And I do not believe that “the spirit of Perun” dwells inside me or something now, I made the idol because it made me feel good, it made me feel a connection to my anscestors. That, specifically, is what this is about,

It’s not that I’m looking for spirituality, I have that. But as an American, I have no cultural identity that appeals to me. Yes, of course I love my country, but we don’t have much of established culture, and mostly what we do have revolves around Judeo-Christian concepts, which I reject. I also do not like the way American culture seems to be going right now either, but that’s another issue altogether. So I may be spiritually sound, but I have no “cultural sense,” I feel that is what I have lost.

This is more about getting in touch with an anscestral cultural identity. Now, if you want to call that a “spiritual sense,” then so be it, but from my point of view, I am spiritually secure, and already have a complete “spiritual sense” of being in my psyche, I just need the foundation of being in touch with my ethnocultural heritage to tie it all together. So it really is more about heritage than spirituality.