Republika you put it the wrong question about logic. Your question would be correct only if the Croats were only in Ustasha, but large mass of Croats were Partisans and fought against Ustasha war criminals. So you can`t compare Serbian crimes in Domovinski rat with whole population of Croats, because one part of their grandfathers was on the wrong side. So if we are going to compare this NATO action with WW2, Ustashe, Partisans and others that is utter stupidity. Because it hasn`t have anything with Croats and Serbs in WW2. This is even funny, because alaways is Serb vs Croat when are this kind of themes, but in the past it was Ustashe (Croats, Bosniaks) and Chetniks (Serbs) vs Partisans (Croats, Serbs).
Tensions are often too high. Peace :)

I didnt say all Croats were ustashe its like saying all Serbs were chetniks which is utter stupidity as you said but he did say that Serbs got what they deserved so i was just using his logic nothing else.