What do I care about the Albanians? And more so, what business you a resident of Canada?
You do not worry when the Irish Liberation Army kills British? Or the civil war in the Congo?
I am personally concerned about crimes against Slavs so much more.

What do I care for Albanians? Well… they're human beings for starters? Like me and you?
Also, I'm a resident of Canada sure, but I moved here when I was 5 due to the Bosnian war. I have family all in the west Balkans, so the history and nature of the region obviously draws me… I could be asking you the same question though, you're Russian, what's it matter to you then?

And in regards to the Irish liberation army and the Congo wars, I read world news so I take an interest in whats happening everywhere. I followed Syria, and now Ukraine. Just because I'm in North America, that means I shouldn't care? North America helped saved modern Western (and other) culture in two world wars…
And yeah sure, I'm concerned about Slavs, but I'm not an idiot who simply chooses sides because one faction is Slavic. Maybe the states or Britain should have joined Nazi Germany, they're both Germanic after all, right?

Hell im not even at odds with Kosovo being part of Serbia, it was their land originally… Albanians should just live under the Serbian flag, I guess.