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It's not that bystanders got what they deserved, the loss of civilians is unfortunate, as in any war. My point though was, that the crimes against the Albanian population fuelled the NATO strikes, which were needed to lay pressure on Serbia to cease massacring Albanians. And no I don't really know what Albanians did in WW2, yet this has nothing to do with WW2, and I doubt they weren't paid in kind during that era.

But do you see now? sow = the genocides in Kosovo reaped = nato bombings on serbia. Thats all there is to it.

If it only were like that it was American interests that made them bomb they didnt really care about Albanians they just used them for their own agenda UCK was even branded as a terroist group by the USA in the beginning they were already attacking Yugoslav police etc in 96 but thats not important what is important is the memory Serbs living in Kosovo had just as Croats 20-30 years from now will still remember the bad things Serbs have done to them so did the Serbs in Kosovo remember what was done to them and living side by side with Shiptars they knew pretty well what they are capable of just as you will remember what Serbs were capable of and not only during WW2 even during Ottoman times did they harass and kill Serbs but thats not important, Slobo used the fears the Kosovo Serbs had from Shiptars for his own good the only one to blame here was Slobo and nobody else Humans never forget and we are easy to manipulate and twist.

Now did the Shiptar civilians deserve to be massacred and killed? I think not but neither did Serbs when the wheel of hate have started to spin it will never end all it takes is one man may he be called Slobo,Tudjman,Alija or whatever you like i personally call him Satan that way hes neither Serb nor Croat you have to take in mind that this is the Balkans its a special place with fucked up people where almost every army in the world has been using it as its own playground while we have been in the middle trying to survive you have to get to the root of the the real problem its always easier to blame someone else but that doesnt get you anywhere instead of debating how Serbs should have acted towards Shiptars in a mannered way you tried to make us look bad and evil which makes people more angry and even more hate is born and the wheel of hate starts spinning again and this is not directed to only you but also my fellow Serbs next time before you want to write something think twice constructive criticism is always welcomed if done properly we still have alot to learn from eachother.