You understand why the bombing happened, yes? So how is discussing Albanians in Kosovo in the 90's off topic and manipulation?

Here's a good documentary on why Serbia was bombed. It lasts only 45 min's, so it won't take too much of your time, but it's well worth it.

It Began With a Lie

For those who understand German, here's the recent interview of the former German president Gergard Schroeder reevaluating his stands on Kosovo, and bombing of Serbia. He officially stated that the bombing was illegal, and against the international human rights law, because there was no proof of the claims that Serbia's military is systematically murdering the Albanians.

Völkerrechtsbruch – Der Kosovo als Blaupause für die Krim – Schröder 09.03.2014 – Bananenrepublik

15 years after, it's even proven that these claims were false, and they were set just to justify the bombing of Serbia's infrastructure and industrial areas. Their goal was not to protect the Kosovo Albanians, but to destroy our national economy, by which they'd make us more dependent on the MMF/IMF and the World Bank. They succeeded in their attempt, unfortunately. Now it's time for the liberation of our economy, which literally means that the worlds monopolists can buy our land cheap, and have our people as cheap labor. Slovenia is already being exploited, while Croatia is right in the process.