You are partially true. Albanian lobby WAS very strong among Croats. Today is not so strong, maybe just opposite. Lobby was strong in 90s. Enemy of my enemy is my friend :D It was normal that we supported Albanians in Cro-Serb war. Only unreal pearson wouldn`t do that.

I think war is over for some time. Anyway, I dont really think Druzhina or Svevlad qualify as pro-Albanian. Svevlad is supporting Kosovo as part of Serbia, and as of Druzhina well:


Pro-Albanian? ;D


It is the same thing when some members of our nation cooperate with Macedonians earlier in history which resulted with yugoslavs king "lead poisoning". War is war, and it is a very dirty job.

I think people who assainated King Alexander II were considering themselves Bulgarians. Anyway, Ustaše are not exactly mainstream of Croatian historical identity, I believe.