I think war is over for some time. Anyway, I dont really think Druzhina or Svevlad qualify as pro-Albanian. Svevlad is supporting Kosovo as part of Serbia, and as of Druzhina well:


Pro-Albanian? ;D

I think people who assainated King Alexander II were considering themselves Bulgarians. Anyway, Ustaše are not exactly mainstream of Croatian historical identity, I believe.

Maybe you didn`t read it well. I said that in the 90s not now. And of course that war is over. Croats only connected with Šipatrs because in that moment they had a common enemy. IN THAT momemt. Not in the present time. Maybe in the future Serbs and Croats wolud be on the same side against Šiptars (probably they would).
Ustaše aren`t the mainstream of Croatian historical identity, just the opposite. In my earler post i said SOME members, a small group. That was just the example of cooperation of two people if they have common interest.
My post was obviously misinterpreted.
As far as i know people who killed the king were Macedonians? Maybe i am wrong.