Those Serbs had to be very retarded to fight for Tudjman's regime who at the same time doing everything  to destroy the Serbs in Croatia, admit it sounds unrealistic. I realize that  was kind of propaganda war, 10 000 Serbs in the Croatian army, but it has nothing to do with reality.

Why don`t you admit the facts. This is the lowest number. About 500 000 Serbs lived in Croatia before war, so the number of 10 000 of them in Cro army is small drop in a sea. When they enlisted in army they were asked name surname ethnicity, they said Serb ethnicity. War lasted for 4 years, so that number of 10 000 soliders is minor. Croats and Srbs have differnet perception for Domovinski rat. From our perception it was a war between two countries, from Serb perspective it was war between two people. So i understand that i hard to you inderstand that these Serbs fought against agression and Milošević regime. That statement about Tuđman i don`t want even comment, because these disccusion would go in other way.