There has always been a large division between North and South Italy both in mentality, economy and politics.

Also if we examine them as a country, one'll find that north is a mixture of Latins, Germanics and Slavs while south is a mixture of Latins and Saracens.

genetically Northerners are Southern Europeans (Italo-celts), with germanic influence being very little.

As for slavs, there were invasions in Friuli, but not in Pandania as a whole.

On contrary, South is directly descented from the Italic tribes (among them, the latins). the only "saracen" admixture would be spotted in parts of Sicily.

As for their mentality, i personaly didn't find differences. Berlusconi would pass as typical in both South and North ;D

the real difference is in terms of economy, due to the environment, and especially to the Soil Fertility

Indeed, both produce bad soldiers. ;D

I don't really care what Lahi do as long as they don't harm our minority. Not really a big fan of Lahi anyway … It'd probably be good for the North to be independent but very bad for the South.

doesn't make sense that most of the people ignore the truth, which is the opposite from what you also believe. ;)

anyway,i have to agree about soldiers. ;D