History wise we had most problems and wars with Venetians and their quasi "empire" :D while with Italy in general (besides some ww2 quarrels and territorial negotiations between our governments) it was pretty smooth.

Pentaz my friend, how are you today? Do you filling good or sick :D hehehe
QUARRELS, QUARRELS with Italians ??? . Arch enemies. Please tell me that you are kidding. Venetians were kamilica compare to the Italians during our history, espc. WW2. Do you know how Dalmatia sufferd under Italians. Italian politic in Dalmatia was just militaristic, genocidal etc politic of Venetians. If i had to choose between Italians and Venetians i would take Venetians, because they didn`t have concentration camps, they didn`t destroyed our cultural and historical heritage, they didn`t try to eridicate our slavic language, names, surnames (Venetians learned their children Slavic language, so they could be a good traders), they didn`t commit a war crimes… My friend not a quarrels. They are the one and only true enemy of dalmatian Croats.