No it`s not important now and don`t have anything with UA-RF relations. I`m going sick because this situation in RF-UA relationship, because any topic which is posted someone is looking for clues for prorussian or proukrainian elements. I`m ethnologist and historian and i just wanted to discuss about ukraninian and croatian connection. Nobody even tried to comment links. Nobody tried to comment that Ukraine and Croatia are only two slavic nation that have Ikavski dialect, that western part of Ukraine is land were croatian forefathers dwelled, that some historians connect Horiv (Kijev) with Croats, that Poljički statut and Kijevska pravda are two almost copy/paste documents, Bijeli Hrvati etc.

Ok. I was not asking trough Serbo-Croat visure. Truth to be told, Serbs have far more cultural connections with Ukrianians, than Croats do, but its completly irrelevant here :) I was just curious.

And yes the only purpose of this topic is uprising of Croats and Ukrainians. I want them to they join newly found 369. pukovniju and SS Galizia, so we can fight evil Putin empire, to liberate opressed russian nation, and of course to pillage and rape russian girls and girly man :) I think that everybody are happy :D

Mkay. Just hope you know Galizia is not entire Ukraine, and there is wide difference of opinions there.