And what i need to do now? Jump through the window or something like that.

i wasn't addressing my comments at you specifically. you can jump into the lake you feel like it. :)

It is your problem if you are really an Ukrainian and support annex of Crimea, separatist movement and other things. Example of the true patriot. But it is up to you. BTW nice avatar. Anime profil of one the russian girl delegate from Crimea. Lousy troller…
People you mentioned are normally closer to you, you have border with them. This topic was only about historical and cultural connections, not about confused troller which is uncertain in his ethnicity and what does he feel or not feel :) Stoj mi dobro brate…

many ukrainians including myself are not supporting separatism. we're are protesting criminals in the interim government which is made of corrupt oligarchs and far-right nationalists. they brought our country to civil war and economic collapse.

how do you know if natalia poklonskaya is a russian? 

half to two third of those separatists in south-eastern ukraine are ethnic ukrainians. you know nothing about ukraine and ukrainians: how they live, what they do and what they think. so keep your stereotypes to yourself and your nose away from affairs about which you have little knowledge.

the ethnicities i mentioned have more historic connections with us than anyone else.