I have no lake close to my house so…
You are saying that you are not supporting the separatist in UA, but in the same time you are glorifying those selfproclaimed "antifascist" fighters who are actually the separatist one. They are helped by RF in organization and logistic, probably with the man on the field. This goverment and the last one both have oligarchs and far-right nationalist. Of course Western countries are helping the goverment in Kyiev. This video is from Donetsk, and not from Kyiev :)
Natalia, beside she is a good looking girl, today is russian, beacuse RF anschluss the Criema. It is even worst if she is native Ukrainian and collaborate with RF. Do you support that all the of UA is annexed by Russia? Do you think that all of the Ukrainians should follow the example of Natalya? You have right i don`t have idea how ordinary UA citizen live, BUT I DON`T WRITE ABOUT THE LIFE IN UA!
Once again, are you stupid or what? Do you even read? Once again! These are connections in cultural and historical sence not in the politcs. I could also make a topic about Croatian and Russian connection (which I acctually planing) because i have found some historical interesting facts about Croats in Russia and Russians in Croatia. I don`t have stereotypes about anyone. Only the one who have stereotypes is you about Croatsa and "westeren" Ukrainians. This topic was specific about, not in general. My neighbouros (Serbs, Slovene, Bosniak) are closer to me than Poland, Ukraine, Russia etc. Please read what i wrote. This is not political topic, you posted political topic for support in Serbia. That is your thing.
Happy Easter! Go on and paint your eggs. I have impression that the eggs want be in yellow and blue colours ;)