In Slovenian, that -ija adding in naming countries and lands was taken from Greek, like you guys already said, in the early 19th century. It is mostly given to newer or distand, to most folks at that time unknown lands, sometimes replacing older, more original names. So Germany (today Nemčija) was called Nemško before, Italija was called Laško etc. As the name Slovenija was thought of in that time too, it has -ija too (instead of Slovensko or Slovenska). Land names mostly have the -ski/-ški ending (imagine the word "dežela" left out from f.ex. štajerska dežela), older names not even that. So Štajerska, Koroška, Kranjska, Goriška, oposed to Štajer, Korotan, Krajna and other.