ingva and cottus_gobio

You two are a disgrace and typical example of people who have no imagination. But not only that, you lack knowledge as well. Latest research is pointing to the fact that intelligence is directly proportional to imagination. People who have bigger and better developed areas of their brains linked to imagining are more intelligent. Why? Because it is imagination that allows us to wonder and ask questions like why? what if? how? These questions are the core of science. It is imagination which allows us to postulate answers to these questions. It is imagination which allows us to connect previously unrelated data into patterns and to produce new meaning and new knowledge. Without imagination there is no new discoveries, no expansion of knowledge and understanding.

Einstein new this and this is what he meant when he said that imagination was more important than knowledge. This does not mean that knowledge is not important. Only that without imagination you can not be a scientist and discover new things. If however you want to be a professor, teacher then you don't need imagination. You can just keep repeating what you know. Just be careful not to allow anyone to ask you any questions for which you don't have memorized answers. Cause then you will need imagination to imagine what the answer could be.

You two lack both knowledge and imagination. I feel sorry for you. Actually i don't. :)  Because you are so arrogant. You fail to see how stupid, uninformed and backwards you are, how old and outdated your sources that you quote all the time are. Even things that were written 10 years ago are too old today. New scientific discoveries are bashing established knowledge and every science book is being rewritten as we speak. But you don't know that. And you can't even imagine it. Great. :)