Yes, it was easier to find a job at the time – still, there were jobs and jobs even back then. And, if for instance 10 people needed to complete some working process, at least 20 people were on payroll, out of them 5 used to work efficiently, 5 were on "sick leave" (read: doing seasonal farmer's jobs at home), while 10 others used to drink schnapps and playing cards.

Also, theft scale was absolutely different then. Worker's "kraduckanje" (hard to translate) was even included in product's final price. On the other hand, even high ranked people's top goals were big apartment in the city, cottage somewhere out, good car, good salary, nothing spectacular. Today even minor bullies if having, let's say, 12 apartments for rent in Belgrade/Zagreb, struggle to steal more for having 24 overnight, and so on.

And, last but not least, it's hard to speak of real communist economy in Ex-Yu; frankly, we used to be unique case, bastard in between, shortly after Tito's death in 1980. most common phrase in TV-news became "IMF said this, IMF demands that" etc. – in fact, Ex-Yu in some points was like paradise for mediocres. Since that's what most people are, no wonder of widespread nostalgia. SEV/Warszawa treaty countries used to be something completely different, not to mention communist countries outside Europe.