On one hand, there is Anglo – Saxon civilization, based on squeezing of colonies and pandering to the crowd, the lowest instincts of it. On the other hand, there are German and Russian civilizations – whatever they have, they gained by their own work or their own blood.

Twice in last 100 years, skilled manipulators Anglo – Saxons incited Germany to attack on Russia. Consequences were devastating, for both great nations: communism, nazism, tens of millions of dead … we all know it. But also obvious delay in the evolution of human kind in general. More likely worldwide cretinization.

If Germany and Russia exceed minor disputes over common eastern/western borders, and if they really start to deal together in their own interest as well in the interest of the sane world, the only safe place for Anglo – Saxon barbarians would be the Mars. Unfortunately, the barbarians seem to be persistent in pressing Russia and (not so openly but anyway obvious) Germany to the wall. And that's the time when muses shut up, and canons speak. In very short time, maybe days, we'll see if our kind has future. Keys are in hands of Germany, again. Good luck.