tea is definitly oriental thing. In east it is called čaj (persian) and any word derivated from that word. India, Persia, Ottomans etc. Tea is oriental as coffee. Only nation in the west who say for tea the word čaj are Portugese. Portugal was colonial force who had economic ties with East, India, and they introduce the tea in Europe. The good herbs for making čaj they would leave in Portugal, the bad ones, and the low quality ones they would sell to others. Especially England. That bad herbs would be packed in wooden crates and shiped to England. These crates would be marked with big letter T, which stands for transport. In Englad when that crate would arive big letter T would stand for čaj :) . Even do England knowed the word čaj in their lanugage, due to high importation of čaj from Portugal, they started to call him a Tea. How is the letter T pronunced in english? Tea :D
I love coffee and tea both ways. Čaj for me is a "winter" drink, and in that time of year i drink it a lot. But almost all year it is coffee. Every day atleast one cup of turkish coffee, much better then that italian esspreso.