the members of parliament were forced to elect the cabinet that it elected receiving threats from criminals. the new cabinet was endorsed by the maidan demonstrators. the cabinet appointments had to be signed by the president of ukraine, who was driven out of the country. the junta's days are counted. those who empowered them will kick them out soon.

forced at gunpoint like in crimea? :D ehm if president abandons his office and duties and flees to his overlord, it is de facto resignation. the parliament is elected, and the parliament is still the same. formation of a different cabinet with the same parliament is a normal thing in normal democracies.
junta is something radically different from this, but who cares about the meaning if parroting disgusting russian propaganda is enough?
russia sends armed forces on territory of another state without consent, supplies arms to paramilitary groups, violates billion treaties but hey there is evil western junta.