On who are you referring to as naive, Mavka or Barov?

Barov and you and anyone here who is fighitng in another FUCKING POINTLESS TOPIC! Like seriously guys?
Lets pour some pure wine. You want best for Ukrainians, for their people, our brothers? Ok here is the deal. Ukrainians as most of Europe is dependant on Russia NO MATTER U LIKE IT OR NOT!

GAS.. They can get it either from Russia or from EU. OH WAIT! THEY CAN NOT. EU has no enough gas for themselves, leave alone fucking Ukraine. Yet Russia always gives them some discount while they could act like fucking monopol! RUSSIA IS DEFINITELY BETTER OPTION.

EU can not and will not improve Ukraine economy. EU can not take care of itself, it is not working system which leads to destability of Europe and even worse…

Joining EU will lead to same shit that happened in Slovakia. Rising unemployment rate, rising cost of living followed by slowly rising wages which means that real wages are actually decreasing, selling out the land and natural sources, people living out of loans, increasing of national loan etc. I am not even mentioning retarded proposals like privatization of water, distributing of immigrants who just suck social benefits into countries with little immigrants rate and similar fancy regulations! (Do not even try to reply saying it is not like that cuz I am not going to discuss something that has been proven by history itself.)

I just hope ,one day Russia will finish these pipes to china and stop gas flow to EUROPE, for at least one whole year. Whole EU will end up in ash and dust, full of civil uprising, wars, poverty and shit. You are so naive if you think you can live without Russia that it is unimaginable. Yet they all (EU, WEST  and such puppets like our government) act like they were gods not actually seeing what this all could lead to. Whole European civilization could end in a little short time due to few greedy dickheads and you are just like sheeps fullfilling their evil plans. Yet Barov is so much a MAN he posts a monkey as a response to someone who is not afraid of Russia. FFS this is not Soviet Union, neither 1968!
And BTW Pentaz, no I would not cry for help from NATO if something like Warsaw pact invasion happened. NATO is terrorist oragnization in my eyes and that will not change so soon.