@ Pentaz:
1st paragraph: Russia along with Norway ,Canda and maybe some other states are selfsuficient, thanks to natural resources. End of story. EU, neither US or China is. This is their ace in sleve. They will find their customer but you will not find any other source of most important resource right now.
2nd par:We are puppets and we always will be. End of story. Deal with it. There is no other way. If we were persecuting hunagrians and they would attack us ,I would understand.
3rd: Try European union without expanding their memeberstate for few decades.
4rd: Slovakia was on rise in early 2000s.. we were not in EU yet. We could live on our own. BTW: We still are poor.
The reason why Ukraine is so poor because is not because they were part of USSR. It is because USSR was run by idiots and communists. So applies to Belarus.
5th: They will live in poverty, but we will not leave at all. Try it without gas and oil.