@ Barov: Seriously? And on what actually is based European economy? On making overproduct.. It is far from save harbour and as well is going to crumble in very near future.
US economy is based on war. France and UK are starting to favour this policy as well.
Which of European countries except Germany is based on High tech economy? Stop lying to yourself.
You says it is not about EU.. well what is it about then? Bashing Russia while you have actually no solution to Ukraine.
And no I will not compare Slovakia in 1997 and 2005, I will compare Slovakia 2004 and 2013…

do you understand what you write? do you know what does overproduction mean? it means that a producer produces more than he can sell, which means economic losses. do you really think that businesses prefer losses over gains?  ::)
the only real problem in the europe is overregulation which decreases our ability to compete. both us and eu economies are based on environment favourable for lots of small and medium service businesses and high tech (e. g. programming – do you know how much can you earn as a programmer in the UK?) as well as big investors, and trust.
russia is most bashed by putin. yes, his actions have decreased the ability of russia to compete for investments. he has damaged the environment of trust.
solution for ukraine? reform the whole **** – justice, education, administration, economical policies – before it is too late. low, flat tax rate, simplify stuff, privatize useless state-owned crap, stop subsidies to useless businesses, default on debt if badly needed.

@ Pentaz:
1st paragraph: Russia along with Norway ,Canda and maybe some other states are selfsuficient

self-sufficiency is a chimera. no country on this planet is self-sufficient. north korea was close to it, though, at the price of suffering and death of common people, but the dictatorship still resorted to missile-rattling to get some free rice from evil western imperialists.
lack of self-sufficiency stimulates trade, social contacts and civilization.