I just hope ,one day Russia will finish these pipes to china and stop gas flow to EUROPE, for at least one whole year. Whole EU will end up in ash and dust, full of civil uprising, wars, poverty and ****. You are so naive if you think you can live without Russia that it is unimaginable

I am not taking sides here but currently EU nations and the rest of the west have the upper hand in these matters. Indeed situation is worrisome for Russia becouse the trend is that EU is getting less and less dependent on Russian gas. Basically hydraulic fracturing in the west especially US and current middle eastern and north african supplying has greatly diversified the market for EU. Then the EU is working on lowering gas and oil consumption with acts like moving towards alternative fuels, etc. and other efforts. All this and current economic reccesion the world is at is in turn resulting in lowering of prices which hit Gazprom and hence Russia which is over dependant on natural resources. Since 80% of profits of Gazprom comes from selling to EU it would be in Russian best interests to be friendly with EU. That is purely economical point view ofc.

In theory they could start trading predominatly with China instead of EU ofc. However their buildong of south and nord stream which was a huge cost for Gazprom dosen't make sense in this situation. But EU would have substituted the Russian void anyways and i recon they would have had less lucrative profits with Chinese. Thow who knows. Who am i to judge future. :D