Rain in Serbian is pljusak or kiša. I always thought it had something to do with the word for soak – pokisi, pokisao
It sounds like Kisa is an older term than Dazd for rain because that is what happens when it rains- things get sopping and dripping wet. Dazd sounds like it came from the name of a goddess like the rain goddess Dodola. A strange-like creature living in the water is called Dazd in Serbian.

Serbian: кишобран, kišobran (literally meaning rain-defend)
Polish: parasol
Ukrainian: парасольку/parasolʹku
Russian: зонтик/zontik
Belarussian: парасон/parason
Macedonian: чадор/čador
Bulgarian: чадър/chadŭr
Slovenian: dežnik
Slovak: dáždnik
Czech: deštník