Quite true, I read something about that topic yesterday aswell and I was disgusted about how the book claimed mostly everything about early Kievan Rus', knez Vladimir, Igor, Novgorod and more to be based purely on Swedish Vikings.

Vladimir and Igor were clearly Slavic both in genes and by their choosing…many of them were even specifically Slavic pagans. Novogrod was at the time a multicultural city composing of Scandinavians, Balto-Finns and Slavs, however in composition majorly a Slavic town and as such it remained to this day.

By their logic probably even a government structure which we call today White Russia was also Germanic just because the emperor had family ties with German royal family, in same manner they view Kievan Rus and protrait them as Vikings while both Kiev and Kievan Rus state were Slavic both by compositions, religion, language and the fact the man that came in power there, the Ruriks (which were mostly Finnic and  Scandinavian-Slavic halfbreeds so to speak) they labelize all deeds of the early East Slavs as Scandinavian.

Such behavior however continues to this day (from Germanic historians to Germanic musicians and others ) where they claim the later raids of already clearly Slavic people Kievan Rus as Scandinavian glorious raids lmao.

Amon Amarth-Varyags Of Miklagard

Although it is kind of generally known that those Swedish or whatever Vikings should have been called Rusi by the Slavs there. What about the name Varjagi? I sometimes come across it but never really know whom they refer to with it. Is it used for the same guys as Rusi?

Varangians was the Greek coined name for the Rus tribe of Kiev.