Side note. Altho slightly derailing thread in Slovene; Rus and Rusi means/meant certain cockroach. The name probably comes from their color. I mentioned them on Slavorum before. There is an expression; there's as many of them as Rus's. This saying referes to those cockroaches not Russians but ppl nowdays think its about number of Russians. Indeed Rus didn't meant Russian people. Actually Russian people were called Muscovians. Whats more the Rus cockroach is now called Švab which would imply Swabian. However Švab comes from the fact these cockroaches are named Blatella germanica in Latin and Švab is alternative South Slavic name for German. Althogether rather confusing. :D

Edit; I notice Czechs also call them Rus; http://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rus_dom%C3%A1c%C3%AD

Well, it's a understandable mistake as not everyone knows that Sweds pronounce g as our j. Thatfor you get from Göteborg Jötebor or from Göran Jöran, which, at least me, reminds me more of the German Jürgen than of our Slavic Goran. :)

Surelly not all words with G? At least not Gotland i think.