Ah i see. I didn't knew it. I tought their G is normal becouse i heard them pronounced Gotland with proper G. But then again i have no clue bout these languages. :D

Well, then I guess it has exceptions but I heard the G pronounced as J in a feq cases. Not that it really affects us, anyhow. :)

Well as you know cockroach is Ščurek always. But Rus or Švab refers to a praticular subspecies of cockroach. Designated as German cockroach in English and Blatella germanica in latin. Yeah word Švab for cockroach is probably late introduction from other Yugoslavs or it was present in border regions. Just speculation mind you. But Švab in the meaning of German cockroach dose exist in the dictionary. Rusi is still the most proper word however but most don't know it anymore. ;D Indeed now this is understood as Russian. Most of us today don't differate between various Ščurki so both words are obsolete in everyday speech i guess. Or at least here.

I only know ščurek in Slovenian and žohar/buba švaba in SR-CRO. I actually ment that we took Švabi gor Germans from Yugoslavs, not for cockroaches, though it might just came along the same time … As for the saying "ko rusov" I thought it refers to Russians aswell. :D I certainly don't differate between ščurki as I never even saw one in person. ;D Vse skup ena vlka gamad.