Name Odessa itself can remind me only to Екатерина Велика, Слава Российской империи and things like that. Galician "сељачине" got nothing to do with that, they should keep their corns and cows and be quiet. And, in Serbian there is clear distinction between the word "сељак" = paesant, farmer, man from the village and the augmentative "сељачина" = hm, redneck x2.

Следите за братьев, мы здесь, если вам нужно!

many warm words are said in this video in support of serbian brothers and about unity between russians, ukrainians and serbs.

it's been said many times there are two ukraines: the left bank of dniepr and the right bank of dniepr. in ukraine people of western ukraine are known as halychany. galicia joined ukraine in 30s; they are greek catholic. the core of  ukraine is poltava, kyiv, zhytomir, khmelʹnytsky, cherkasy for me.

odessa was founded by the decree of екатирина великая; odessa was part of novorossija until 20s. today, people in odessa are ukrainians, although they speak russian.

some people who are against maidan proclaimed the republic of odessa today. it's their form of protest against the junta.