You are correct. I forgot to mention that Czecho-Slovak behaves dually in this feature.

For example, they say grad/hrad, but robota (hence Robot) instead of rabota and rozumet rather than razumeti:



The word-initial metathesis is actually older than the word-medial
one, all Slavic dialects underwent that change and the isoglosses
are different from the later word-medial metathesis.

The distinction between long and short vowels was preserved in northern dialects:

Acuted syllables; oRC > Rōc > RaC
Circumflexed syllables; oRC > RoC

In South Slavic, and Czech and Slovak dialects as I remember, the
short diphthongs were lengthened and merged with the long ones, thus
the South is consistent in its reflexes of initial and medial syllables.

As for the Albanians, let us not expand this topic.