I sense you are going to be a peculiar nuisance in this forum, I say going to be, you're well on your way. I am just weeping at your unbridled stupidity  :'( . You have gone nuts to become the most talked about member in these boards, for that I praise thee ;).

I will not reply to all your usual Albanian vomit …

You're getting riled up as soon as Illyrian theory is being mentioned by highly acclaimed scholars. This is why you left most of my remarks without any response running with tail between legs. How pitiful!!! Stop thumbing your chest because you reared your ugly head by proving your utter ignorance on all subjects. It is so easy to piss you off the minute I mention Illyrian theory as an unavoidable conclusion embraced by all foreign scholars.

The word dallyndyshe, my dear Albanian is a relatively recent compound formation according to Orel.

If Taulanti were somewhere in Dacia, you would have gleefully admit its Albanian etymology :-*. Get a grasp of what Orel meant because your incompetence in Albanian makes you look like a fool >:(. When Orel spoke of a ''relatively recent compound '' he actually meant of the compound ''dysh'' given that swallows have tails parted in two and ''dysh' in Albanian means ''two''. Certain linguists have painstakingly revealed a *taulant – or even *daulant – as a prototype of dallëndyshe:

[img width=700 height=357]http://s10.postimg.org/hlp1ke5ll/taula.jpg” />

Go figure how stupid it is to project it in ancient Illyrian.

Do you even know the magnitude of stupidity oozing out of you? I implore you to stop participating on this subject as you are completely out of your element and you go off on a different tangent all the time.

A normal human immediatelly understands that albanian cannot descend from Illyria just from 2 reasons: Illyrian preserved the cluster *sk before voiced stops (b,d,g), resonants (m,n,l,r), semivowels (j,w) and if no consonants at all followed. Proto-albanian, on the other hand in all those positions has made the transition *sk>ks>h and there are 2 examples of the Dacian substratum of Romanian showing the same process.

Don't talk such a drivel. Some minor phonological differences do not preclude the possibility that Albanian sprung from Illyrian:

[img width=700 height=553]http://s15.postimg.org/8ggyo3kq3/sniff.jpg” />

BTW, from the same source that we have both used

What a desperate plea for attention, you slimy little weasel! 😮 It is not surprise at all when a disgruntled Greek struggles desperately to promote that Albanians ain't Illyrian but cant even find a single source to back his claim up :'(. You tried to counter the commonly-held view of Illyrian origin of Albanians with some vague references on some Serbian scholars :-[. Do you even figure out the weakness of your awkward position? It's getting tiresome to point their obscene bias, let alone their doubtful methodology when it comes the ethnogensis of Albanian. Milutin Garasanin was one of those scholars who tried either to trivialize or belittle as much as possible the Illyrian origin of Albanians, yet he could not produce anything of worth against Illyrian theory and continued to clutch at straws. Garasanin led a symposium held in Belgrade whose primary aim was to relegate the enormous evidences yielded by foreign scholars who opted for the Illyrian origin of Albanians. It should be noted that this symposium was held in a time when nationalist crescendo in Serbia was on rise. Garasanin abandoned his earlier position (see the following citation) and dropped some preposterous remarks which did not add up anything of worthy. He outraged his colleagues when he asserted that: "… Albanians, whose paleo-Balkan origin cannot be doubted". All Serbian historians roared angrily scratching their heads in disbelief. Later, Ljubomir Kljakic in the book Oslobodjenje istorije (The liberation of history) stated:

"the basic problem of the series 'the Illyrians and the Albanians' lies in the fact that this edition, in spite of its declared intention, in fact approves and strengthens that against which it was conceived. Thus Garasanin explicitly tells us that the 'paleo-Balkan' origin of the Albanians cannot be doubted".


It must be noted that Garasanin before the rise of Serbian nationalism, was mildly supportive to the Illyrian theory. Here is what he stated:

If one bears in mind the fact that a certain continuity of the paleo-Balkan population could have existed in out-of-the-way mountain regions and the fact that Albanians are recorded in the middle ages primarily as stock breeders whose movements were connected with their occuopation.

Consequently, there is no evidence at the beginning of the middle ages either in Albania or Dardania of the continuance of the old, indigenous population as a compact, ethnically conscious community or entity. Nevertheless, in view of a certain continuity of old ethnic elements during the late classical period, one cannot dispute the possibility of their partial maintenance and participation in the formation of the Albanian people, as Fanula Papazoglu says of the Dardanians, underlining that the name Dardanians disappeared at the end of classical antiquity. One can reckon, in particular, with the survival of these elements in the outlying mountain regions difficult of access (p.35).

…the remains of the romanized population of the mountain regions who had withdrawn there as stockbreades at the time of the migrations of peoples and Slav settlement, the Albanians orginated from the remnants of the non-Romanized paleo-Balkan population of those regions among whom were surely remnants of Illyrians and…(p.37)

Milutin Garasanin ''Illyrians and Albanians'' in Kosovo-past and present, Gordana Filipović, Review of International Affairs, 1989, pp. 35-37

In the same token, even Sima Cirkovic at this time butted himself over the quell to pinpoint the origin of Albanians. While in his recent book, he was conceded to assert that:

[img width=443 height=700]http://s27.postimg.org/kxd8dxocj/sima.jpg” />

Good night, my dear Albanian "arnavut damari".

Pleasant dreams, you Greek cheater! Your assumptions seem to be a direct adaption from Lord of the Ring which is way more believable than your Dacian hypothesis  ;D