That Albanian represent a continuation of an Illyrian dialect is settled beyond any doubt. I have no intention – nor energy – at this stage to outline the enormous evidences which bespeak favorably on the Illyrian parentage of Albanian.

I am attaching a short paragraph on Illyrians from a book written by Irish-American Indo-Europeanist James Mallory.[1] J. Mallory is a known scholar in his field of research. See the PDF attachement.

Mallory states:

Without actual Illyrian texts, we must content ourselves with regarding Albanian as an Illyrian language is merely a probable assumption. (p. 74).

If there are no Illyrian texts and only personal and place names survived, which linguists settled that Albanian is a continuation of Illyrian dialect beyond doubt? Mallory didn't know about such 'settlements' at the time he was writing his book.  Mind you Illyrians were a confederation of many tribes not necessarily linguistically related.

1. Mallory, J. P. (1989). In Search of the Indo-Europeans: Language, Archaeology and Myth