Thnx dude for providing such priceless stuff! Yet Mallory in his last incisive work has further advanced his arguments delving the perplexed question of early stages of Albanian and cling to the Illyrian theory as the most feasible alternative among others. While he acknowledges the presence of sprinkling Dacian words, he deems Illyrian connection as the strongest so far.


In this paragraph Mallory states there is more evidence in favour of Illyrian than Dacian because there is no evidence of migration into Albanian territory since ancient times. He hasn't retracted from his statement that Albanian is extension of Illyrian is a probable assumption. The difficulty of  determining to which group of people a particular exoethnonym was applied is well known. Different ethnicities can be known under the same name. My ancestors are a good example having traceable cultural and linguistic continuation they were known under different names throughout the history. One of the name was Lithuanians because they lived in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania which included the territories of Belarus till 1795. You stated  Albanian  is representing a continuation of an Illyrian dialect is settled beyond doubt, which seems as if Illyrian texts were found and analysed. There are doubts and assumptions in the case of Albanian being an extension of Illyrian.