friend don't get ugly for no reason! It's clear that this conceited Greek halfwit is nowhere near the knowledge to offer an opinion, let alone to speak on this matter over noted scholars who have dedicated their lives to history :(. I never seen him to dissect any argument in a logical fashion, he just go off a tangent all the time, and sometimes even embark on holier-than-thou tirades like he is privy to some unaltered, unexplored truth that only he is enlightened enough to decipher it. The sooner he realises that, the sooner the average for intelligence rises. This obtuse mentally simpleton is that type of person that goes through an entire book and comes away learning nothing from it. I've brought up countless pages from his books proving him wrong again and again. However, let's hear again his enlightening theory about how Albanians just sprung up overnight and sprawled all over the Balkans ;D!

Ok, you mabe misunderstood me:
1) He did not introduced Albanians in this topic but you.
2) I told you to stop doing it, and you had to do it.
Have nice day.