Wouldn't that effect Russians more than it would effect Montenegrins?

I believe Russians are investors and tourists in Montenegro no other way around. I also believe that:

Russian benefits from the sanctions:
1. Busting Russian economy by the west elimination of the west products.
2. Keeping the Russian money in Russia and providing work for the Russians.
3. Selling the natural gas to China.

Losses of the EU:
1. Losing the Russian market.
2. Slowing the west economy because of  contract issues for not delivering.
3. No natural gas for the west economy.

My suggestion: Do not use the economy for political purposes. If so what about the Communist China? What about the rights of the Tibetans?

Some other sources

I think that Macedonia is hoping that Russia and Ukraine will settle down the problem and there is no need Macedonia to harm the relations with both countries only because of the Macedonia's EU and Nato aspirations.