Montenegro is conditioned by its European and NATO integration in a certain way of behavior. Russia hasty movement can only alienate themselves from Montenegro. The nervousness is understandable because the transition Orthodox Montenegro in the sphere of Western Europe, represent a major blow to the Orthodox Slavic world. In that bush actually lies rabbit. Montenegro as successors Dujklje, from the sixteenth century to become major Orthodox, so get over it break many visible and invisible interests.

many non-eu countries are 'conditioned' by eu and nato. it's montenegro that joined the sanctions to ban  certain russian politicians and businessmen entering the eu. what are these conditions anyway? it's more like pleasing and flattering to the new masters.

what did you expect from russia? a pat on the back for montenegro joining the sanctions, when russia invested in your economy sending tourists to your country?

cutting trade ties will not make a single dent in the russian economy given the sizes of the economies of two countries. there are many places around the world which russian tourists can visit.