In historical writings it is found that Spartak is Thracian, also it is known that they were not Greek or Roman. But who are Thracians? It was a tribe inhabited on Balkan. It is impossible that one of the biggest tribes dissapear like that. As every Serb know we are also known as Rascian(Raska). What happend there is simply that they pronounced words differently from us, they just added letter T. Another example when tsar Dushan was going to Greece it is written that is coming big tsar of Tribals. They misspronounced Srbals.

The name of Rashka came to be during the 12th century, Serbs never called themselves „Rascians”.
Јованка Калаић – Назив „Рашка” у старијој српској историји (IX–XII век)

All your other claims are a waste of time.