Yeah, sure. And I am germanic, as many centuries ago, or millenias there were germanics on my land. Hell yeah! Ich heise Matthaus ich bin keine Slav. Schnappi schnappi.

Guys, come ooooon! There was no Serbia at these times. Nor Bulgaria.

Nope. His mother was Polish, as Poles sing sometimes "Maryjo, królowo Polski". So she was Polish queen.

Serbia is the cradle of the world civilization, dont listen to western historians. There are places in Egypt where its written Serbs. City of Alexandria was built by Alexander the Great who was a Serb. His real name was Lesandar (Les is tree in slavic and dar is gift). There are pictures of Achiles with serbian symbol SSSS. Western historians say we took it from Greek dynasty Paleologi and it means "King of kings, reigning over Kings" How is it possible then that symbol is found in Serbia 6000 years Bc.? They also say that Vandal tribe is germanic, but there are text clearly saying that they are Serbs.
"hoc Vandalos in Misnia peculiare Soraborum nomen hanuisse"
"Sorben Wenden Sarmatorum"

They also say that Sumerian script is the oldest script in world. What about Vinca script found in Serbia?

I could write all day that Serbia existed before Christ.
You can check everything that i said.