Bonsek, you're joking, right?

Stajerc, she was Polish. You will not convince me. :p

Im not joking i have backup for everything i say. I just dont belive in history that Vatican served.
This is Nino Belov the first emperor of the world (Nimrod in the Bible, in Greek Dyonisus) Ancient name for the city of Nis Nisus where he became tsar. He was born on the mountain Ninaja in Serbia. He build the city of Baghdad which means Bog dade(God gave)
[img width=700 height=389]http://i.imgur.com/Yf0aM.jpg” />

First world crown also Serbian
[img width=700 height=422]http://i.imgur.com/YPW5i.jpg” />

Scripture found in Mesopotamia and British scientist Archibald Sayce red it and it says “Ur_Nina sar Sirburla”
Which means Nino tsar of the Serbs.
[img width=700 height=634]http://i.imgur.com/cvDJN.png” />

Also there are hundreds of cities and rivers in the Asia with word Serb/Sorb/Serv.

Now you can clearly see that there is Serbian history before dynasty of Nemanjici.