Im not joking i have backup for everything i say.

I decided to remain silent before, but if you say you are not joking…

Romans WERE NOT Etruscans. Etruscans, Romans, Volsci, Latins etc. were tribes on Italia. You can see it everywhere – different genesis, different language and even different mythology – in case of Etruscans very gloomy. They were conquered by the Romans and later they received Roman citizenship.

You should learn some basics, before you decide to say something from most "advantage" topic.

Servius Tullius (because we speak understandable language for everyone) had Etruscan descent, yes. But it means nothing about Romans or Etruscans. In Poland we also had foreign rulers, so we are not Poles?

So please – stop sharing your heresies.

About this "ruler of the world" I will say nothing.