Cheep excuses, the problem are not our Croatian members but your ignorance.

We are not here to convert people to fans of pseudo-history or  to "return" them to their "forgotten" Serbdom. So please, which contemporary historians claim incoherences that you're writing? Please provide evidence and reference your sources.

very nice said. Most of the authors are dated from 19. century. Most of them were "experts" by their function. For example Kalaj. AU monarchy sent him to Bosnia, he was politician and historian. A simple AU clerk. His mission was to devide three nation in BiH. Classical divide et impera. Through pumping up bosnian (not bošnjak) identity he was trying to divide three nations. Before that Belgrade student, wrote the book Geschichte der Serben. For AU Serbia was next bite, so this kind of "experts" were needed by the state. In first with kind words, merriage and the last by weapon.