I read about the Serbian Chinese wars. This is what happened:
1,000,000 BC when the Serbian Empire ruled the Earth, the Chinese (looking much like Orcs) emerged from caves and tunnels to wreak havoc. From here the Serbian Empire managed to hold, until the God-Emperor Serbius was betrayed by his sons Croatius and Slovenius, who began a mass civil war. Though his evil sons were defeated and banished to the realm of Ghosts and Wind, the Emperor found the Chinese-Orc hordes now storming through his lands. Alas, finally, the Serbian Mega Empire fell.
However, ever since those times, several descendants of Serbius have risen to power; forming the Roman Empire. All the Greek city-states, the first Japanese shogunate, and beyond.
Lo, the Roman Empire fell when FOOLISH Germanic tribes prayed to gods of darkness, and from portals to hell did Croatius and Slovenius come back to the world of the living, worshipping their demonic gods who now reside within Mount Vatican.
After many wars, the world was splintered and most forgot this age of glory. Yet the true believers know that the God-Emperor Serbius shall return, and save mankind.