LOL hooligans make sport? no, they spoil it. and they are often fat as well  ;)
they are also the reason why fewer and fewer decent people watch football in stadiums.

I didn't say they are make sport? LOL????? I think that you have never been on stadium or you have never stand in middle of ultras group. Ultras are fans who support their team all match standing and singing. This is nothing bad. Problem is that big groups have some percentage of stupid people and this are hooligans.

Hooliganism is bad. Like this stupid guys of wisla on picture. They are pussies with knives.

More and more "hooligans" make arranged fights with equal groups. I see nothing bad in that. If people want…

Now they make even type of combat sport between ultras groups: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GixDXD44_yA

Come and say to this guys that they are fat hooligans. Again you are smart Barov and you don't know nothing about fans, ultras groups and hooliganism.