This was very interesting to read, Gaius. :) Poland has a great military and police structure. Wish Ukraine was this well-developed.

Well, in the past we had some "not great" kinds of forces, as Wojskowe Służby Informacyjne (Military Information Services) for example, which was a military intelligence. It existed in 1991-2006. Antoni Macierewicz took an investigation and led to WSI's liquidation. He gave charges of: illegal sources of fundings (smuggling of electronics, taking a wealth of dead abroad Poles, selling guns to the Arabic terrorists), Russian penetration (personnel dominated by people trained in Soviet accademies of KGB and GRU), desistance of counterintelligence towards Soviet and later Russian special forces (libations with KGB agents, tolerating of espionage), cooperating with former officials of Polish SB [Służby Bezpieczeństwa – Security Service] (illegal selling weapons, development of escort agencies, gathering compromising informations about businessmen, politicians and lawyers which led to blackmails), and more.

But this is the one which I have in mind now ;p They no longer exist ;)

Are there photos or video of the various units?

I have found some.

GROM trainings

BOA (from some Discovery stuff by Chris Ryan, BOA is Biuro Operacji Antyterrorystycznych, Bureau of Antiterrorist Operations) <-it is long :p

Some photos of Formoza

Jednostka Wojskowa Komandosów – reportage in Polish language <- couldn't fight anything in English

Photos of ABW

Some video of CBŚ

I couldn't find anything about CBA.