So many trolls here. I just wanted to point out that it shouldnt be called pan-slavic, and make alive this forum. It is pretty much dead. Btw Stajerc Jesus is indeed Serbian, here is famous Serbian historian who studied in France he became doctor in USA claiming that Jesus preached on Serbian language. And i dont expect for you to believe it.

Jovan Deretić: Isus Hristos je govorio srpskim jezikom (aramejskim)!

Yes, I know. Did you think I was joking? Everyone knows he ate čevapi and sarma with his apostoles at the last supper.

The Pan-Slavic flag was created in 1848 as well.  Sometimes things happen in two places at the same time.  The Pan Slavic flag was created a few months before Costa Rica's, but technically, there was no nation using the pan Slavic flag as a national flag at that time.  The Austrian Emperor accepted the tricolor as flags of Croatia and Slovenia, but does that count, being that they were not independent states?  The Costa Rican one was adopted in November of 1848. 

Well, Croatia got its tricolor from combining the flags of Slavonia and Croatia into one (as the two Hungarian kingdoms merged or so, not completely sure how it went). Carniola wanted to put the Slovenian tricolor as its flag in 1848, the argument being that it are the colours of the Carniolan Coat of Arms (though that is not true because the CoA colours were red, blue and gold, not white). It then also got accepted, which was quite an achievement as tricolors were considered purely revolutionary in those times – all other lands in the monarchy had two colour flags. So it was the first tricolor of a non merged land inside AH monarchy (otherwise the Croatian was first).