About the archaeological quest, Anthony (2007): “The people who imported Greek
or Proto-Greek to Greece might have moved several times, perhaps by sea, from the
western Pontic steppes to southeastern Europe to western Anatolia to Greece, making their
trail hard to find. The EHII/III transition about 2400-2200 BCE has long been seen as a
time of radical change in Greece when new people might have arrived (…)”.
In West’s (2007) words, “The first speakers of Greek – or rather of the language that was
to develop into Greek; I will call them mello-Greeks – arrived in Greece, on the most widely
accepted view, at the beginning of Early Helladic III, that is, around 2300. They came by
way of Epirus, probably from somewhere north of the Danube”.

[size=8pt]Carlos Quiles, ‎Fernando López-Menchero; A grammar of modern Indo-European, third edition, 109 [/size]