Citing Povhec: “It is clear to me that these young kids speak Sorbian with strong german accent like Carinthian Slovenes. Thats becouse they speak german language in public and with friends. But i am glad that they are learning Sorbian. ;D

Actually, these kids are fluent mother tongue speakers of Upper Sorbian, most of them surely grew up speaking it at home. They speak with a German accent because Upper Sorbian is spoken that way today, including the R which sounds totally German, also when spoken by older speakers. In songs, it is sometimes rolled though.
The video example of Lower Sorbian is good, because while Lower Sorbian has much more German loan words than Upper Sorbian, you can hear that it still has a Slavic rolled R, also when spoken by younger speakers.
And this course is no “bullshit” – it was just a joke for some Dutch visitors to the Upper Sorbian Highschool in Budyšin.

You can listen to more examples of our language on the YouTube channel of the SAEK Budyšin:


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