I know quite a few latin languages. I lived in Spain for a while, I understand Spanish pretty well. I lived in London for a several years. I had Italian courses some time ago. I am studying French now (I live in France).

However, I’ve never been so overwhelmed by any similarities between those languages and Lithuanian, like I am now, reading this short text in Sanskrit that Sviatogor posted!
It looks like it’s some kind of very clumsy old Lithuanian :)
Of course I understand that this is a selection of words prepared for Russian speaking students.
Still, such thing like ‘Drinking Midus’ is specifically Lithuanian. Nobody ‘drinks’ honey. It’s honey-wine which ‘gives liveliness’. It sounds like it has been taken directly from Lithuanian folklore, from some fairy tale.
Who wrote that text anyway?

Now Russian. I know Russian from my childhood. I read and watch a lot in Russian. Even more than in Lithuanian. Dostoevsky and Tarkovsky are my all-time favourites. БГ ‘Русский Альбом’ is my No1 in my huge record collection.
Still, I always thought that Russian is very different from Lithuanian. Now with all these examples I can see how close they are!

By the way:
…to liberate “atma” (soul) from “tamas” (darkness).

sanskrit – lithuanian – russian – english
ATMA – AŠ (or ESMI) – Я(?) – SELF

As for the english SOUL – it looks like Sanskrit (and Lithuanian) SAULE, which is English SUN, which is opposition to ‘Darkness’. But this is only my logical speculations.
Also in Lithuanian preposition ‘AT-‘ is English ‘RE-‘.
ATGIMTI – REBORN – Возродится
ATSTATYTI – REBUILT – Boсcтоновить
So maybe ATMA is just the opposite to TAMAS?
But this is also only my logical interpretations.

How archaic Balts languages are:

Interesting thing is that Albanian is also very archaic language without any influences. It has it’s own branch in the Indo-European-Languages tree. So it is also considered as very conservative, with the a link to proto-indo-european.
Me and my Albanian friend, however, could not find any slightest similarity. None of these words from my dictionary above are similar to Albanian.

I didn’t have time to translate the entire text yet. But the story – it rings a bell. I’ll do that over a weekend.
Have a nice weekend!


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