Still, such thing like ‘Drinking Midus’ is specifically Lithuanian. Nobody ‘drinks’ honey. It’s honey-wine which ‘gives liveliness’. It sounds like it has been taken directly from Lithuanian folklore, from some fairy tale.

Drinking ‘med’ (honey-made wine) is also very Slavic. The archaic name for the drink is ‘Med’ or ‘Miod’ in Slavic languages. Modern day terms are “Medavukha’ or ‘Miadok’ (Belarusian) or ‘Medovukha’ (Russian) or just ‘Med’ in other Slavic languages. In Polish the drink is called “miód pitny” (“drinking honey”) There’s also a hot drink made of honey called ‘Zbicień’ in Belarus.

In the past people of eastern Slavia paid taxes in honey. In the Grand Duchy of Lithuania from the territories of present day Belarus honey and wax made products were exported on a large scale. The drink ‘Med’ is also mentioned in many Slavic chronicles. In modern times honey festivals are held in many cities of eastern Slavic countries annually.

Slavs love honey and honey-made alcoholic drinks. ‘Medovukha’ (“Mead”) is produced and sold in the shops of Belarus and Russia commercially . Medovukha drink


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